Wednesday, May 13, 2015

making plans

Well, as I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I only had one night free this week. Tuesday. Instead of having last night off, I ended up going to my daughter’s to work on the business plan for our nonprofit organization, Tumaini Volunteers. She met a woman who writes business plans for a living and she was willing to meet with us to refine ours.

Ahh, when I left after two and a half hours, we had totally rewritten the first half of it. I guess my skills as a creative writer were only helpful to a point. I kept saying, “what I’ve been taught is to write everything down and then you can edit it out.” I don’t know if the woman thought I was nuts or not.

So not much else has gotten done this week. I did purchase the plane tickets for my friend Denise and I to fly to Kenya in the Fall. I am glad we had the chance to work on this business plan because it gets me back in gear for the trip. And all that I am expected to accomplish while there.

We have decided that we will start out working at the IDP (internally displace persons) camps as projects done there have the best chance at success. So when I am in Kenya I will be researching building chicken coops and gardens. I need to find residents of the camps who are committed to a project and then research costs, logistics and feasibility.

This is all very much outside of my comfort zone. I have always been shy, quiet and introverted. At least Denise is pretty outgoing; she is also super organized, doesn’t eat much, doesn’t need much sleep and doesn’t need any pampering. She is also a world traveler, so I don’t think I could ask for a better partner on this adventure.

Wish me luck as my plans develop!

My daughter at the IDP camp in 2013. Yes, that sweet old man lives in that tent. 

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  1. Lots of luck and warmth sent your way!!! Writing everything down first definitely works. It's part of brainstorming and is important in getting your points across in any type of document.

    Good luck this week with everything you have going on!

    1. Thanks, Dawn, for the comment and the support. I might have to save all those wonderful words in another document. Just can't let of our "babies" go to waste!

  2. Wishing you all the luck, and looking forward to hearing about your Kenyan adventures!

    I've discovered that skill in creative writing doesn't translate well to homeschool reporting, either...

  3. I am excited to see how your trip and projects manifest. I am not sure what kind of gardens you are working on or how much space you have, but I have been looking into square foot gardening and it seems like a good use of space with a high return. Especially when combined with composting. There site is at Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.