Wednesday, July 15, 2015

focus on one goal

I haven’t worked on any of my goals for the Round yet this week. Well, maybe I did. One goal was finalizing my trip to Kenya in October, so I have been doing that.

I sponsor a little Maasai girl through Compassion International and have started the process of taking a side trip to meet her while I am in Africa. For her safety and the safety of the other kids in her community, the organization needs to do a background check on me and the friend who is going with me. Then they need to set up logistics for her getting to me in Nairobi or me getting out to her home. So I understand why it is a process.

I also hope to talk to one of my friends in Kenya by the end of the week to see if he has some ideas for projects for us as well as what supplies might be needed for us to bring with.

On my other two trips to Kenya, I left all the planning up to someone else, so I guess that being the vice-chairman of Tumaini Volunteers means I have to step up to the plate.

I hope to get some writing done over the weekend. And not much before then.

The pictures are of some of the Compassion children we met in Kenya in 2006. Aren’t they all precious?


  1. Focusing on one goal is a great idea! I often feel like nothing gets done because I'm pulled in too many different directions.

  2. Working on getting things together for a trip is definitely good. Good luck with getting some writing in as well.