Wednesday, July 22, 2015

picking up steam

As usual, not much has happened with my goals so far this week. It takes me a few days to pick up steam each week, hence Monday and Tuesday are usually a waste.

a.       Read and comment on my assigned posts as a ROW80 sponsor. Done.
b.       Read 50 pages of “Shantarm”.  Read about 10 pages.
c.       Finish chapter 1 of “Twelve Extraordinary Women”. Done.

a. Write two blog posts here and three posts to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles” every week. One post here and one on the other blog.
b. Edit 10 more entries of “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days”. None.  

a. Post one writing update to each of my social media. I don’t remember. For some reason I really struggle keeping track of this even though I have a white-board where I keep track of everything. Somethings are just a mystery.

a. Nonprofit organization 
i. Post three updates to my Go-Fund-Me page and share with social media. Posted one update.
ii. Email the Go-Fund-Me site to the rest of my email contacts.       Done. I got return messages from I think five people, but no donations. L
b. Physical - Walk on treadmill three times a week. Walked twice.
c. Church -Send a letter to our other boy in the military. Not.
d. Wedding – Can’t say that I did anything on the wedding. I guess I am just waiting for my daughter to give me direction. It is two weeks from Saturday, but apparently we have all the time in the world to finalize stuff. Not my call.

We will see what the rest of the week brings. Hope that all is well with you and that you are checking off lots of accomplished goals, as well as enjoying your summer. It is rolling by way too fast. 


  1. Hello! I'm new to ROW80 making my way through the linky posts when I thought I'd check out how you are faring. You have a wonderful collection of goals. My only advice: don't forget to breathe whatever you do :) Take care

    1. Welcome to ROW80, Rose. This is short list of goals for me compared to some Rounds! I'll have time to breathe when I am old :)

  2. You're making good progress for the first half of the week. Keep it up!

  3. Summer is going by too fast, but I feel that I am getting a lot out of it.

    This week's been a little slow on the creative side, but earlier in the week I do a bunch, so I guess it evens out.

    And progress is progress even when it doesn't always look obvious. Because once you start writing out what you've done, you see it wasn't so bad as you thought.

    Hope you week and into the next find your full of awesome and productivity, Chris.