Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How I Roll

As I mentioned on Sunday, the next two weeks are going to be “no-goal” weeks. Because I have one goal and one goal only and that is prepare for and attend my daughter’s wedding on August 8.

Work on her dress is coming along. I will definitely have it ready by Friday for her to try on before I sew the final pieces in. I have a new thought (a scary thought involving more work) that I need to bounce off of my daughter once the dress is on. Because I haven’t done quite enough remodeling yet. Argh!

It doesn’t help that after I got into this dress by myself, my sister (who has done alterations on at least two other wedding dresses) said, “I really could have helped you with that.” Double argh. .

Otherwise, I think that my fretting guests have settled down. My mom and my friend from Minnesota are going to share a hotel room, which means they will both be at the wedding, even if they don’t plan on partying all night (as if I am going to). My mother-in-law is excited and has plans to dance at the reception. No one has told her that there won’t be dancing, but she can dance to her own tune if she wants.

Progress on the dress. More like trial and error.

On the writing front, I actually wrote a piece of flash fiction Monday night. Don’t have a clue how that happened. The scene just popped into my head and I had to record it. It was still exciting, getting that creative juice out the tips of my fingers and into the laptop.

I also blogged here and on my other blog as scheduled, as well as reading and commenting on my quota of ROW80 blog posts from Sunday.

I think I am doing all right. We will see how I hold up by this weekend. On top of everything else, I am taking my niece’s daughter’s graduation pictures on Friday. Yup, coz that’s how I roll. 


  1. the dress looks great. Hope everything goes smoothly for the wedding.

  2. The dress looks beautiful from where I am :) Have a good rest of the week

  3. Gorgeous work! Good luck on your wedding goals. :)

  4. Thanks for the support. The dress still needs a lot of work. Having her try it on today and may need to change my whole game plan on it. No worries. I still have one week to finish it!

  5. Awesome work on the dress. Hope the fitting went well and you are well on your way to finished. Have a wonderful time at the wedding and tell her your ROW80 friends wish her a long and happy marriage.

  6. As you will read on Sunday's post, not only is the bride's dress not yet done, there are four more dresses on my horizon!

  7. Sounds like I how roll, with a bunch of stuff that fall into my lap, but still having fun. Glad to hear that the guests are settling. I figured they would. As for random flash fiction. Huzzah on a story winging its way out of your grey matter and onto the page (okay that was a weird analogy, but it work, I think). :-) The dress is looking good. And it'll be down to just enjoying the wedding, Chris. Deep breaths, you are almostr there!!