Sunday, July 26, 2015


Since I don’t think that any of my family reads this particular blog, I am going to vent a little bit here. Feel free to skip to the goal’s list to avoid my drama.

My daughter’s wedding is just under two weeks away. Since the planning stages, my mom has been worrying about how she will get there (the venue is about 60 miles from where she lives and she doesn’t drive), how she will get home, how she will get down the stairs to where the ceremony will be (the ceremony will be outside, on the backside of the restaurant, but in addition to the stairs there is a grassy bank on the other side of the building that we can wheel her down), what she will wear and a dozen other issues, the latest of which my sister shared last night, but I can’t share it here.  

Of course, my sister isn’t any help. Last night she asked, “Everything is going to be outside? What if it’s hot?” Really? My daughter, the crazy girl, wants it hot and it’s her wedding, so I hope it is hot that day. But my sister goes, “but I just can’t tolerate the heat.” So I told her she doesn’t have to come. Ok, maybe I snapped a little bit. But those aren’t the only two people I have bugging me!

My mother-in-law, who we brought on a plane to another grandchild’s wedding last month, now has excuses why she can’t come. But that’s my husband’s problem.

My best friend can’t find a dog-sitter, so her husband is going to stay home with the dog, and she won’t stay at the same hotel as we are because the rooms are too much ($99 a night!!!), so she doesn’t know where she is going to stay.

To which, I just want to say to all of them, “then don’t come! Just don’t come. I don’t want you there if you are going to be a bunch of whine-babies. And my daughter doesn’t want you there either. She only wants people showing up who are going to be happy and want to have a good time. And if you have to come up with these excuses I guess you don’t want to be there anyway. So stay home in your air-conditioned house with no stairs, with your dog and the clothes you’ve been wearing forever, but stop bugging me about it. Coz I have enough on my mind.”

Coz my daughter’s dress went from this last week:

To this, on Friday: 

When she told me she had cut the sleeves off, I kind of freaked out. It looks better on, except that we took out the zipper because she wants a corset in the back. But guess what she is the bride, so she can have whatever she wants and the rest of you can stay home!!!

Can you say: STRESS!

But look at this list of goals from last week.

a.  Read and comment on my assigned blog posts as a ROW80 sponsor. Done.
b.  Read 50 pages of “Shantarm”. Close, read 42 pages.
c.  Finish chapter 1 of “Twelve Extraordinary Women”. Done.
a. Write two blog posts here and three posts to “The Dino Chronicles”. Posted two here and once again only two to the other blog.
b. Edit 10 more entries of “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days”. Done.
a. Post one writing update to each of my social media. Yes.
a. Nonprofit organization 
i. Post three updates to my Go-Fund-Me page and share with social media. Posted two updates and shared them.
ii. Email the Go-Fund-Me site to the rest of my email contacts. Done. I lamented on Wednesday that I hadn’t gotten any donations from my efforts, but on Thursday I did get one. One.
b. Physical - Walk on treadmill three times a week. Walked twice.
c. Church -Send a letter to the parents of the other boy in the military. Got it at least started.
d. Wedding – Ok, I already ranted enough about this.

I have no idea where all that green and yellow came from. But I have come to my senses. Goals for next week: read and comment on my assigned blog posts for ROW80, because that is a prior commitment, it isn’t too time-consuming and I will be able to use that break from the rest of the chaos. Other than that, what gets done, gets done.

I promise to post on Wednesday to let you know if any of my friends and relatives are still talking to me. 


  1. Well, you've made some good progress despite the drama. Good luck this week

    1. Thanks, Fallon, I know that it will all come together.

  2. It's hard when it's something important and people complain or don't show up. But take heart, they are probably just frustrated and excited and a whole lot of other emotions. Some people don't handle stress well, and thus react badly. I feel like when the day comes, most if not all (except for those who cannot make it) will be there and enjoying your daughter's joy.

    ~Sending you some positive energy~ You got this Chris, and you did really well on your goals. w00t!!! :-)

    1. Thanks, Cindy, I am receiving the positive energy already!