Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trying to Start the Round

I apologize for not starting the third Round of Words in 80 Days on schedule. I'd like to get back on track, but am feeling bogged down. 

I have a ridiculous lot of stuff going on in the next three months, I had thought about taking this Round off, but before I thought that through I signed up to be a sponsor for the Round, which isn’t that much extra work, but I figure that if I am going to be involved I might as well jump in with both feet.

Before I list my goals, here is a list of what I have going on before the end of this Round:

1.    Take an overnight trip to Michigan.
2.    Survive my daughter’s wedding, after surviving the planning of it.
3.    Attend the Christian Writers Conference in Green Lake.
4.    Attend my cousin’s wedding out of town.
5.    Make final preparations for my trip to Kenya (I arrive in Africa the day the next Round starts, so don’t expect much out of me then.)

Wow, I’ve been freaking out about all of this, but that list doesn’t make it seem so bad. What do you think?

I suppose those five little items should be included in my goals, but I don’t know. Maybe I want my focus on stuff other than those five things.

I also want to go back to having reading, writing, reaching and personal goals so that I feel more well-rounded. I guess. So here they are:  

a.    Read and comment on my weekly assigned blog posts as a ROW80 sponsor.
b.    Finish reading “Shantarm”
c.    Finish reading “Twelve Extraordinary Women”
a.    Write two blog posts here and three posts to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles” every week.
b.    Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days” and do one quick edit of the whole manuscript.
c.    Write a proposal for my novel. And name my novel!
d.    Write 10,000 words in my new novel and come up with at least a working title for it.
a.    Have submitted three pieces somewhere.
b.    Have posted weekly updates to each of my social media.
                                         i.    Get enough donations to pay for my trip in October.
                                       ii.    Finalize some sort of itinerary for my trip.
                                      iii.    Host a friend-raiser to get awareness out in the community.
b.    Physical
                                         i.    Work out–seriously- three times a week, in addition to my morning exercises.
c.    Church
                                         i.    Get addresses and mentors for our college kids.
                                       ii.    Get addresses and mentors for our military kids – this is a new one as we haven’t had kids in the military before, but holy cow, they need mentors more than anyone.

That’s not so much is it? How are your goals looking? As good as my flowers? 


  1. Beautiful flowers! Whereabouts in Michigan will you be? I live in the Metro Detroit area, which is why I'm wondering. ;)

    Awesome goals. You do have a lot on your plate. Just be kind to yourself.

    1. How is Detroit working out for you? I was there once for a convention, and have to say, I did not have too much fun. We go to the UP as often as we can - which lately has only been once a year. We love the Keweenaw Pennisula - gorgeous. I have been to Frankenmuth twice in the last year though and really like it there. Lots to see and do throughout Michigan.

  2. Look like a good crop of goals and lots to keep you busy. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes goals are going to be more focus in one area for a round. Not that you need a reminder, but take it day day at a time and don't stress it. :-)

    Heck I was a day late posting my progress, so it's all good. You got this! :-)

    1. Thanks, Cindy, taking it a day at a time, and sometimes a minute at a time!