Sunday, August 2, 2015

What were we thinking?

How did August get here? Man, oh, man. Where does the time go?

So my daughter’s wedding is a week from yesterday. On Friday morning, the dress was looking pretty good. 

Then I had her try it on, and because it was only pinned in place, Val freaked out when the pins started poking her (I really can’t blame her). So instead of trying to unstring the corset, I just took all the pins out, so when I got the dress back home again, this is what it looked like. 

I’m not saying I’m back to square one. I just really thought it would all be over by now. But wait, there’s more.

She called me yesterday afternoon to see if I was still free tomorrow. I had taken Monday off from the day job a long time ago to help with the wedding, but the daughter swore on Friday that there was nothing I needed to do until the day before the wedding. Now Val wants me to come down Monday and help one of her friends sew dresses for all four of the bridesmaids. 

Still, I don’t freak out. This has gotten way past that point. Here’s where she went wrong. Because the wedding is so ubber-casual, Val had told her bridesmaids (I’m going to just call them BMs coz I can’t spell today) that they could wear anything they wanted – some kind of sundress or a maxi-dress. All four of them have been telling her that they can’t find any such dress. Really? Coz Val and I found like 20 of them two weeks ago when we were dress shopping.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon Val and one of the BMs were talking and decided they could make super-simple dresses based on the pillowcase pattern people use for little girls. Oh, sure, it looks simple, until you make four of them for four different sized women! 

But that’s not all. Val proceeds to tell me not to bother to come to her house on Monday until 4 or 4:30 coz that’s when this BM gets off of work. Really? We are going to sew four dresses in like four hours. And only one of the people who will wear this dress is going to be there?    

Do I need to tell you that no writing has gotten done this week, except for the flash fiction piece I wrote one night? I have been keeping up on my ROW80 sponsor duties but that’s about it. Don’t look for much more this week.

Oh, and one other thing I did get done was taking the graduation pictures for my niece's daughter. I told them I would edit the pictures and give them a copy when I see them at the wedding. What was I thinking by making that promise? 
And how has your week been going???


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Got the bride's dress done this afternoon. Now only four BM dresses to go!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a crazy time! I hope everything ends up going smoothly!

  3. Wow, that does sound like a whirlwind week is in store! Hang in there!