Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the only way to go is up

I have rather a mixed bag so far this week. Since green is accomplished and yellow is worked on, I think that by half-way through the week to have mostly yellow is an okay thing.

a. Read and comment on my assigned blog posts as a ROW80 sponsor. Done
b. Read 50 pages of “Shantaram”.  Read ten pages, that is pathetic even if it is only Wednesday.
c. Read two chapters on “Ten Fingers, Ten Toes”. Read one chapter.
          a. Write two blog posts here. Here is one.
b. Write three posts to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles”. Nothing yet, I have got to get my inspiration rolling on that blog again.
c. Attend the Green Lake Christian Writers Conference short-track sessions and come home with the usual inspiration to tackle all this writing. Attended, but got home at midnight Monday night so have not had time or wakefulness yet for processing.
a. Post one writing update to one of my social media daily, and figure out how to keep track of this.  I don’t think I posted anything to social media yet.
a. Nonprofit organization 
1) Post three updates to my Go-Fund-Me page and share with social media. I don’t think I posted anything to social media yet.
2) I should update the business plan and print off a copy of it. We hope to meet next weekend and I should at least have done this much. Nope
3) Try to get in touch with our contact in Kenya to figure out our itinerary while there in October. He actually sent me a message, so that’s a good sign.
b. Physical - Walk on treadmill three times. Walked once.  
c. Church – Type up a note for the weekly bulletin looking for mentors for our college students and military enlistees, as well as a reminder to their parents to get me their contact information.  Yes.
d. Alexis’s picture – Burn a copy of her graduation pictures onto a CD and either mail it to her and get it to her grandma next weekend. Nope.

I have lots of room for improvement by Sunday. But hey, that means the only way to go is up. How about you? 
(I hate that I wasn't able to turn this but my computer is being a pain.)


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of stuff in progress, and plus a lot to process from your conference. I wish you a productive second half of the week!

  2. Your status looks a lot like mine. Lots in play; not much finished, as yet.

    We'll get there. Like your picture, maybe a little sideways, but still...