Sunday, August 9, 2015


I am trying to post this by nine o'clock, coz that is just my deadline. We most all survived the hillbilly wedding. Even the dress. 
 My daughter with her step-dad. Aren't they both precious?
 Besides the daughter, I have a son too. No, he's not married, which you probably could have guessed.
 And here's the whole hillbilly family. Gotta find pictures with our boots. And of course Val's bare feet. Not pregnant yet though.
I will try to share more pictures and stories next time. But first, I need to make a promise to you that I will get back to writing. I will have progress to report on Wednesday.

Have a good week and thanks to all my readers for supporting me through the stress of the last months.


  1. Looks like a good time was had. Congrats to your daughter! Good luck with getting back to writing this week

  2. Thanks, Fallon. I still am on wedding-overload, but hope to relax sometime today.