Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Latest Update

 Here is the latest update on my daughter’s wedding. I got her dress done and trussed her up in it. And just like the thanksgiving turkey, she looked mighty fine. 

One of her bridesmaids and I sewed the four BM dresses in about an hour Monday afternoon. They are pretty rough, but we plan to tweak them when they try them on Friday. It is a Hillbilly themed wedding, so they are kinda cute. 

Tomorrow the hubby picks up the sign-in piece of wood. I’m anxious to see it. Instead of having a guest book to sign, a friend of mine who does wood-working, burned their names and date of the wedding into a cross-section of a tree trunk and people will sign that with a sharpie pen. To get the idea here is a picture of the one she did for our house. 

What else? Oh, just too many little details to write them all down. Please pray for decent weather as it is all being done outside. Yes, we can all cram into the bar on the grounds of the resort, but that wouldn’t be so fun.

I promise to let you know how it went at my Sunday checkin. 


  1. Hillbilly themed wedding I love it! That's going to be so much fun. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats to all! Have a great wedding :)

  2. So awesome! I love the lace-up back of that dress. Wishing you the best weather possible...

  3. The back of her dress is so pretty. I look forward to seeing pictures of the front of it too. :)

    I love the idea for a "guestbook." Very cool!

    All the very best for the big day.

  4. I should be in a panic right now - less than forty hours and counting. Whatever happens - or doesn't - it is what it is.

  5. Oh, they are lovely, Chris, the dresses and the sign. :-)

    Sending good vibes for nice weather.