Sunday, August 30, 2015

Raising Chickens

Last Sunday four of us met to discuss my upcoming trip to Kenya. Happily, the other woman who is going with me was able to join us and we were able to explain more of what the trip will be like. I’m pleased that she is serious about her commitment to Tumaini Volunteers.

After she and my sister left, my daughter and I were finally able to get through via Skype to our liaison in Kenya. He has been researching stuff for us to work on and he thinks he would like to begin chicken production. Meaning that some families are already raising chickens for eggs for their home use, but he wants to take it up a notch and get a full-blown chicken farm going at the primary school. He wants this to happen on a large scale, requiring an investment in money and a long-term commitment from the women who are going to participating in this. Which is why me and my friend have to get there and check out the logistics of this project so that it can be successful.  

I’ve started studying chickens and happen to personally know three people who are already raising chickens at home. I leave for Kenya in five weeks, so I have my work cut out for me.

So what else did I get done last week?

a. Read and comment on my weekly assigned blog posts as a ROW80 sponsor. Done
b. Read fifty pages of “Shantarm”. Read 52 pages. I still don’t know what I was thinking picking up a 900 page book
c. Finish reading “Ten Fingers, Ten Toes”. Done. Want to write a review of it this week.
a. Write two blog posts here and three posts to “The Dino Chronicles”. Done. Finally wrote three posts on my other blog this week.
b. Start the proposal for my novel. Not.
c. Do research on my new novel. Not.
d. Contact my publisher about my third devotional. Done. He answered me that they would love to publish my latest devotional, I’m just scared to know what the conditions are (i.e. cost).
a. Posting to my social media has been a sticky-wicket of a goal. Let me try this. This week I will post three updates one for each of my books to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I posted two.
b. Write an update on my website. Done. But not really a full-length update, so that’s why this is highlighted in yellow and not in green. 
a. Nonprofit organization
1) Finalize our itinerary for the trip in October. Umm, no. See earlier note.
2) Try again to get an article submitted in the local paper. I totally forgot about this. Oops.
3) Print out a copy of the business plan, ready for distribution. YES. Finally got the business plan done and perfected and printed out and even in a report cover.
b. Physical
1) Work out three times. Yes, I walked on the treadmill three times and took a walk with the hubby and the dog once. 

What can I come up with this week?

a. Read and comment on my weekly assigned blog posts as a ROW80 sponsor.
b. Read 100 pages of “Shantarm”. If I am ever going to finish this book, I have to step it up.
a. Write two blog posts here and three posts to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles”.
b. Start the proposal for my novel, Jenny’s story.
c. Do research on my new novel, The Abbey.           
a. Post three updates on any of my books to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
b. Write a complete update on my website.
1) Research raising chickens. I already have a date with a friend for Thursday night to visit her son’s chickens.
2) Contact our liaison with my questions about raising chickens in Kenya.
3) I have an idea for a fund-raiser at work. Whenever I have come back from Kenya in the past, I set up a day to sell all the arts and crafts that we brought back. My co-workers go crazy over that stuff. So I thought I would offer them a $5 off coupon for every $25 they donate to me before I go. I need to roll that out this week if I am going to do it.  
b. Physical
1) Work out three times.

And that’s that. Now it’s time for me to get working. I have a lot to do yet this Round and there’s only a month left. How you coming on your goals?
This fella met his demise at the hands (and knife) of one of the women my daughter worked for in Kenya in 2010.


  1. You have goals! And you are making progress! Aaaargh! Congratulations on your coming trip to Kenya and for your consistent work toward your goals. OK that's just inspirational. Have a good week, Chris.

    1. Thanks, Beth, but sometimes I don't feel inspirational - I more feel like - "What was I thinking?!"

  2. Sounds like it's coming together. You got this, chickens and all. Maybe all the research for raising chicken will end up in a story :-) The more you work on the stuff for the Kenya trip, the more it'll come together. And usually (if its like theatre) that last week you will see the fruit of your labour. Sending you good mojo for the week!

    900 hundred pages, eh? No problem!!! :-)

    Oh, and 100 pages is nothing.

    See I am crazy to try reading 4/5 books at a time these last few months (as you probably have seen). I get a spurt for one book and then switch gears to something different for a few other days. Is the story good? Engaging story plot, interesting or fun character? Fiction or non-fiction?