Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kenya for Kids

Without copying and pasting my whole list of goals for this week, I will just that I am actually doing okay. Though I haven’t practiced my presentation that I am giving this Saturday for between 100 and 120 people, I did start putting together another powerpoint about Kenya. This one is geared towards kids, so instead of being about the doom and gloom of living in poverty, it will be pictures of:
this is a house a Kenyan might live in,
this is some food an African might eat,
this is a school Kenyan kids might go to.

Our Sunday school teacher wanted me to do a presentation for her class and our Kinship organization her in town had mentioned it a while back. So once I get this presentation together I need to contact them.

In other news this week, Sunday night I wrote 1,065 words on my second memoir about Kenya. I also mailed out eight letters asking for donations for my daughter’s trip in April. I’ve run on the treadmill twice. And best of all, I submitted an article about my daughter’s upcoming trip to the local newspaper where she lives. We will see if they are receptive to it or not.

I’m thinking that is pretty good for being just Wednesday evening. How about you? Accomplished much yet this week?  

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  1. not bad at all for a couple of days worth of tasks - good luck with the presentation:)