Sunday, February 21, 2016

what inspires you?

Here we are, writing another Sunday check-in, with some great goals accomplished and a few floundering like a fish out of the tank.

1) Finish my power-point presentation for the medical people, and present it at a meeting on Tuesday night. Done. I think I mentioned at my midweek check-in, that the presentation went well, though poorly attended, but it still merited the inspirational item of the week (see #8).
2) Write 1,000 words on the second memoir – not a single word, didn’t even look at it.
3) Blog twice here and three times on the Dino Chronicles – blogged here on schedule, but only twice on the Dino Chronicles.
4) Read six ROW80 blogs and comment on three of them –Yup, right on track.
5) Promote my books on social media once – Yes, actually twice even.        
6) Send out three letters or e-letters to prospective donors for our trip in the spring – sent out four e-messages. Did get two donations, one completely unsolicited, so that made me happy, but we are still something like $1200 short.
7) Walk/run on the treadmill three times for 20 minutes each day – only did it twice
8) Find something inspirational this week – The day after my presentation Tuesday night, I received a beautiful thank you from one of the participants. She wrote, “Your presentation last night had every person fully involved, absorbing every bit. I have never been so interested by information in a CEU course ever before… Your personality and passion for the topic were what brought your presentation together. I can’t thank you enough.” Isn’t she a sweetheart? Something to keep me going.  

What have I got to do this week:

1) Run through my power-point presentation a few more times as I am giving it again on Saturday for a group of CMAs from around the state, over a hundred people.
2) Write 1,000 words on the second memoir. I really need to get this done in the next month or so because then I will put it away to ferment while I edit my novel one more time.
3) Blog twice here and three times on the Dino Chronicles
4) Read six ROW80 blogs and comment on three of them
5) Promote my books on social media once
6) Send out five letters (because I came up with five more prospective donors) asking for donations for our trip in the spring.
7) Walk/run on the treadmill three times for 20 minutes each day
8) Find something inspirational this week
9) Submit a piece somewhere, because it is almost the end of the month and to stay on track for submitting 12 in the year, I need to do one a month.
 Nothing is as inspiring to me as Lake Superior.
What inspires you? 


  1. Looks like you got a lot of green and yellow on your list. Glad your presentation went well. Good luck on your goals for this week.

  2. I love how you highlight your goals! I might have to try something like that to make it easier for me to track how I'm doing. :)

    Love that photo of the lake. I live about an hour and a half from Lake Ontario and there is nothing better than going to one of the many state parks in the summer and just going somewhere to sit there, listening to the little waves. It's so relaxing. (And your picture has inspired me to add this to my monthly goals, when the weather gets nicer...and!)

    Congrats on your progress--and that nice thank you from one of the attendees! Good luck this week and happy writing--and goal crushing! :D

    1. Thanks, Kat. I can't wait for the weather to warm up and the snow to melt. Lake Superior is about a 3 hour drive away for us and I look forward to a ride there at least once a year.

  3. You did very well this week! And awesome about the thank you! So wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Erin, for the support. The thank you was pretty awesome.

  4. I tend to be inspired easily. Yesterday, I looked out my window and saw the clouds. In a blog post, I wrote this:

    The clouds are dense, and of varying shades of grey and white, with little patches of spring-is-coming blue crazy-quilted in. It’s something of a poetic sky, and the sun just popped out brightly, casting long shadows, because it’s after 4pm here, and then sun will set in another hour or so. Still, it was getting dark by this time a month ago.

    I didn't always feel the inner freedom and openness that let me be inspired, or take the time to let that inspiration wash through me.

    I love the note you received. Something like that is so magical. Maybe it doesn't so much matter how many people were there, as how you interacted with them.

    May your coming week be productive and joyful, with an abundance of inspiration!

    1. Thanks for sharing your picture of your beautiful afternoon sky. Always inspiring. Have a great week.

  5. Wonderful progress! I love that response to your teaching for it affirms your enthusiasm and commitment and hard work to reach those goals. What inspires me? Sometimes as simple as getting my writing done every day; other times, spending time with my husband centers me in a way I'm profoundly grateful for; finally, being out in nature and seeing the beauty that is often hidden when we spend so much time in our cities. May you have a good week!

    1. I'm blessed with a husband who centers me as well. When I feel that I am going to lose, he always manages to get me pulled back together. And if I didn't have the little patch of woods behind my house, I don't know how I would ever find peace in our day-to-day hectic lives.

  6. It's always nice to receive good feedback on something you've worked hard on. You're such a busy bee and an inspiration. The ROW80 bloggers are some of my biggest inspirations to moving again. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hoping friend.