Wednesday, March 16, 2016

all i know

Here it is Wednesday already. I had the last two days (well, three and a half if you count Sunday and Saturday afternoon) off from the day job and had hoped to get so much done. I feel like such a failure, well, no not really, I am just lazy. My greatest accomplishment yesterday was baking a pan of brownies and polishing them off. Ugh. Then had a belly ache the rest of the day. 

I did accomplish one other thing and that was finishing the mini-quilt I started last summer. I started it for a co-worker and since today is her last day of work, I thought I really needed to finish it and give it to her. 

What else? I finished the new power-point presentation for my presentation on Friday. I updated my author website. On Monday I helped my daughter with her taxes and helped her send in her e-visa for the trip to Kenya. They leave in two weeks!

I ran once on the treadmill and I think that is it. See, lazy, lazy. And I work on Friday - my normally most productive day. I'm not so happy about that, as I had asked for the day off to do my presentation at the Assisted Living Home, but instead the boss-lady says she will work around it and let me take a long, late lunch. Argh. 

That's about all I know. 


  1. Send me a brownie, please! I'm only supposed to eat virtual brownies. But I still remember that rich dark chocolate taste that lingers, that sweet, sweet smell that fills the house with loving anticipation. Please enjoy the moment. I'm thrilled you have your presentation ready AND you finished that quilt. Congrats. Feel good. Look at that BIG SMILE on your co-worker's face.