Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What to do for CampNaNoWriMo

I cannot believe that I signed up for CampNaNoWriMo for the month of April. Can anyone tell me what I was thinking?

Today I am driving my kids to the airport (five hours away) so they can fly to Kenya for two weeks to work on the first project for my daughter's nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers. The whole time they are gone, I won’t be fretting over them, but I will be checking Facebook and my cell phone and all manner of social media to see if they have posted anything. I also will be checking the weather and the local Kenyan news to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I also feel like I should be checking the email for the nonprofit, in case my daughter doesn’t have internet access enough to check it herself. And I should even check the post office box a few times. I talked to my son on line last night and he’s like, “you need to stop stressing about everything!” I think it is more stressful seeing them go than when I went myself.

But that’s not all. Hubby and I leave for a week’s vacation on Saturday. We had this planned before the kids decided to go to Africa this month, or I would not have scheduled time off right now. So we aren’t going far, only about a five hour drive away, to a resort that looks kind of relaxing. As if I will relax.

Lastly I have a convention for my career as a medical assistant the weekend of April 23. We are setting up a booth to sell our Kenyan merchandise, so as soon as the kids get home on the 14th, I need to inventory and price everything they bring back.

Yes, I know I need to turn some of all this work for the nonprofit over to someone else, but no one else has stepped forward to do it.

I also just signed up to be a ROW80 sponsor. I was a sponsor a year or so ago, and it really is no big deal. My thought is that it will keep me on track. BICFOK (butt in chair, fingers on keyboard). We’ll see how it goes.

So in between all of that, I am going to start and finish a writing project for CampNaNoWriMo. The one I had chosen was about the juvenile prison my husband works at. I have an idea for three of the kids incarcerated there, but even though I see them in my head, they haven’t told me much of their stories. And when I went online to a baby name website to try to pick names for them, my laptop freaked out, beeping at me and flashing a warning that a virus was trying to get into my system. I freaked out right back, closed out of everything, logged off line, and shut the computer down. I went back later and turned it on just to run a virus scan. That came back clean, but now I am thinking that I’m not meant to write that story just yet.

My other options are: 1) write the novel about the Alexian Brothers Novitiate 2) do a thorough edit of my novel Coming Home 3) finish putting together and editing my second memoir 4) write the story of my sister and me.
I have another day to figure it out.

I did however finish this scrub top for work on time, before Easter. Feels like the only thing I have accomplished lately.

Wish me luck!

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