Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ready to run

The weather here in the Northwoods has been unseasonably warm. Though I still have a backyard full of snow, most places around town have bare ground. I also have a bare road past my house (but not a bare driveway), so have taken the dog for a run down it twice this week already. What a great feeling that is. Getting to actually stretch my legs instead of keeping them in the confines of the treadmill. The noisy clunky treadmill. Getting to hear the stillness in the tress and smell the damp fallen leaves, feel the cool air on my cheeks. How I survive the winters locked inside my house is beyond me. Oh, except for those two or three times a week walks around my little patch of woods. Not quite the same as the open road however.

But what about my goals. Besides running twice, I have had one of my submissions published in the local paper. Ok, it was a sure-thing, but it is still there, in print. I’ve also got a date for another speaking engagement, but haven’t worked on the powerpoint for it. And the date is a week from Friday. Yikes.

I’ve blogged on schedule, but have slacked a bit on reading what other ROW80ers have had to say. I’ve mailed out five letters to potential donors for our nonprofit. And I had an inspirational experience yesterday, which I blogged about in TheDino Chronicles.

We are winding down on the first Round of Words 80 for 2016. How are your goals coming along?  


  1. Running? I haven't even resumed walking yet! But good for you to run outside, despite that lingering snow. And congratulations on getting that article done . . . the PowerPoint will come along, maybe just in time. Have a great week!

  2. Wow, that doesn't look like warm to me! *g* Kudos for running in that kind of weather!

    Congrats on the publication and good luck with the rest of your goals this round. :)