Sunday, September 4, 2016

a whole lot of nothin'

When I posted on Wednesday, my excuse was that Mom had been in the hospital. She went home that afternoon and has been doing fine ever since, so I really can no longer justify that as an excuse. I visited her twice on Friday, because it was, after all, my day off, and my daughter didn’t want to go by herself in the afternoon. Other than that, Mommy is off the plate.

I didn’t even blog for the Dino Chronicles. So why didn’t I get anything done this week? It’s beyond me. No, that’s not true. I got a lot done, just none of it my writing goals. Since my daughter came up Friday afternoon, we worked on the nonprofit in the evening and then I went to her house yesterday. After helping her clean her house, we worked some more on the nonprofit, all in preparation for today’s meeting. We have a lot to discuss, so that will take up the entire day today, I am certain.

Also, as I am working on making copies and getting other things ready for the meeting today, my laptop is being an absolute pain. Just keeps freezing up and it won’t recognize the printer. Argh. That has set me back this morning. I know, just another excuse.

Moving on, however, I am going to try to get to these things this week:
1)      Finish the query for “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”
2)      Write a chapter on my next novel “The Novitiate” (that is the working title, but I think I need to come up with something else, as I can never spell that!)
3)      Blog on schedule here and on the Dino Chronicles
4)      Get back on my exercise routine, as I hadn’t even done that last week.

And that’s about it. A whole lot of nothin' and not even a picture. 


  1. Hugs about your mom being in the hospital. Totally understandable that you'd be a bit off your game. There's always next week. :)

    1. Thanks, Erin, and here it is next week and I'm still not doin' much. I know I will get it together, just wish it would happen sooner than later.

  2. The title you mentioned in number two of your goals made me laugh. I probably would have trouble spelling it too.

    I'm off my exercise routine and work game too, but it's a holiday weekend and stuff happens. I imagine we'll both be back to our routines in a day or two.

  3. I think there's an emotional toll to that kind of stress that can hit after the bulk of the immediate worry subsides. Maybe be gentle with yourself - you worked on the non-profit a lot. It sounds like that needed to be where your energy went.

    Maybe granting yourself a day off or two would help with the reset?