Sunday, September 18, 2016

this week's a keeper

I am still making progress on my most recent set of goals, those being:
1)      Write a query/proposal for “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”
2)      Research publishers for it and choose one
3)      Send that query/proposal to the chosen publisher
4)      Begin writing the next novel, with the working title of “The Big House"
5)      Continue to blog on schedule
6)      And be more diligent on working out and losing weight

Earlier in the week I did some work on the query as well as continued research on publishers. I really want to send my manuscript out somewhere, but I know that by jumping in when the thing’s not ready is not to my advantage. All things in their own time.

Most exciting however is that I have continued working on the new novel. Currently I have written 3,338 words on it, which, if I have a goal of 70,000 words, it is 4% written. Oh, boy. I’ve also been doing more research on this novel. It is set in the early 1970s and includes elements of the Vietnam War, a religious order, and a young journalist learning the ropes. That is going to require a lot of research on the part of this novice.

The blogging is on schedule, the exercising is close and the weight – not so much. Oh, well.

I did clean out my office this weekend so hopefully the clean and organized space inspires me to keep going. I’ve also been wanting to take some new portraits for my blogs and website, as my hair is so much longer now. The Hubby took a few last week and here are the ones he took this afternoon. 

What do you think? Any a keeper?

 Had to get a few with the dog, he just never cooperates though.

 (This is the same picture as above it, except I left my wrinkles in this one. Can you tell the difference?)


  1. I especially like the third -fifth, because I get a better "sense" of you in those. =) And, given the choice between wrinkles or non, I always go with. You earned them - wear them with pride! =D

    You really are having a good spell. I hope you take a bit of time to enjoy it!

  2. Congratulations on all those words written this week! Hooray!!!! I also like the way the post begins with a simple list. Easy to follow (perhaps), but definitely easy to see. Re the photos, I like those that focus in on your head. Love the dog, but the pic is about you, the writer. Because your stories are full of optimism, I like those pictures that show you smiling.

  3. I like number five of the pictures.

    What you said about knowing that jumping in when it's not ready is not to your advantage pretty much sums up my current project issues. I want to get the darn thing off the table, but it needs to be right. Thanks for mentioning it. I find it oddly encouraging that someone else has a problem similar to mine. I guess it makes me feel more human. :)