Thursday, September 22, 2016

end of Round 3

Here we are at the end of Round 3 of ROW80. Below are my goals for the Round and how I ended up.

1)      My novel
a.       Do one more edit, typing up an outline for each chapter as I go. Done
b.      Spend three hours per week working on a pitch for publishers and agents. Can’t say it was three hours per week, but it was quite a few hours here and there for the last three months.
c.       Decide on a title. I think I have this one figured out, but still want to bounce it around in my head some more. These are the contenders and the winner:
The Way Home
Finding the Way Home
Where the Sky Meets the Sand
When Family Happens
Returning Home
Family Matters Most
A Mother Like That
Just Like That
2)      Blog twice a week here. Usually
3)      Blog three times a week on the Dino Chronicles. Usually

Reading –
1)      Finish reading three books - “More Than a Story”, “My Maassai Life”, “War Brides”. Finished two of them and at least started the third.
2)      Read three ROW blog posts twice a week. Usually

1)      Update my website once a month. Nope, but I updated it once.
2)      Submit three pieces. I submitted two.
3)      Once a week post something promoting my books or myself on each of my social media. Can’t say it was weekly, but I think twice a month was the average.

1) Physical
a) Lose ten pounds. I’d love to say this worked out, but it’s only been about five.
                        b) Stop eating junk food and stop snacking between meals. Let’s be honest – no.
                        c) Work out more faithfully
1- Exercise four mornings a week. Sometimes.
2- Lift weights and/or run four nights a week. Hardly ever, more like once or twice.
4)      Spiritual
a)      Read my Bible every night. Ummm, I’ll highlight it in yellow, as an average of four nights per week is more than half, right?
b)      Read a devotion every day. Ummm, probably four or five nights a week, but still not enough to rate a green.

1)      Start planning our next trip. Yes, it is in the works. We have two people for sure who want to go and another three or four maybes. And most exciting of all is that I will probably be the team leader. Cannot wait to return to Africa! We are looking at March or April. I need to find out when Easter is….
2)      Sign up for the fall round of craft shows as fundraisers. Signed up one so far. Looking for some new ones.

As usual, when I am plowing through these goals each week, I feel like I am going nowhere. Yet, when I sprinkle in that green for accomplished goals and yellow for those worked on, it doesn’t look so bad. 18 goals, 7 accomplished, 9 worked on and only 2 total fails.

Now I need to get down to business and finish off the year with even more epic accomplishments. Watch for those new goals being posted here the first of October.

How did you end up for the Round? 


  1. Very nice forward progress, Chris!

    Like you, I've got a scattering of blue (because I love blue!), quite a lot of green, and some red (but I never expect to get to everything on my expansive list, so that's all right, too).

    It's funny how it can all add up when it seems like you were spinning your wheels, isn't it?

    1. That's exactly right. Somehow we always get more done than we expected.

  2. So many umbrellas, so little time. I wonder if Mary Poppins had anything to do with it. Sticks out tongue and winks.
    Dehydrated apples and bananas are sweet, cue sugar rush. L
    Cutting junk food off and exercising is good. But don't overdo it.
    safe journeys when going to the African country, make sure you take precautions.

    1. I took this picture two weeks ago when we were on our way to a play (Fiddler on the Roof). I couldn't think of any way to tie the umbrellas to my blog post, but I liked the picture, so I just put it in!

      And just tonight, my daughter said she thinks she and her husband might be the team leaders for this trip back to Kenya in the spring. So I might have to sit this one out. Oh, well. I'll go back again some day.

  3. Love that picture!

    Looks like you did very well this round!