Wednesday, September 14, 2016

here's to a good week

I have about ten minutes to write this post and post it and then I have to jump in my son’s truck, drive two hours, have dinner with him, and drive my car back home. The pictures should help illustrate why.

Flat tire in back of Hubby’s Blazer. 
 Son’s truck up on a block. 
 New tire in back of Hubby’s Blazer. 
I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t document the whole process photographically, even on video as the tire deflated before our very eyes. So unlike me to miss something that – um – what would be the right word? Is newsworthy? Whatever, no time to think about it.

This flat turned out for the best. I was late to work on Monday from dropping the flat off at the tire place in town and I ended up super crabby all day and then broke out in cold symptoms around ten am. So I had to explain my whole life to my manager, so yesterday when I noticed that two staff were extra today it was easy for me to plead my case, asking if one of the extra people could work for me and I could take today off.

Yeah! And the sun was even shining all day.

I jumped on the laptop around eight this morning and the beast was actually working for a change, so I wrote 1,222 words on my new novel, which I have given the working title of “The Big House”, because I give up trying to spell Novitiate. 

Okay, that’s it from me until Sunday. Thanks to everyone for their support the last few weeks as my mood, my health, my mother’s health and generally everything else went downhill. I really appreciate it. Here’s to a good week for everyone!


  1. Chris, I can't even imagine how a flat tire, a two-hour commute, a possible cold, and the usual work shenanigans would bring about such a wonderful breakthrough with REAL WRITING. Congratulations! May the last week of Round 3 be a very good one for you!

    1. Just got back from the four hour round trip to get my car and give my son's truck back to him. I had almost an hour break in between so he could buy me supper. He also bought my an oil change for my car for all our trouble. Maybe that's how this all turned out so good - knowing that despite my bad parenting skills, my son turned out pretty good.

      As far as the writing, I've had this book in my head for a little over two years and I think the characters are finally ready to come out and tell their stories.

  2. Characters have their own sense of timing. Yours apparently like real-life drama.

    "I wrote 1,222 words on my new novel, which I have given the working title of “The Big House”, because I give up trying to spell Novitiate."

    That cracked me up - and I needed the laugh. Sunday brought the somewhat expected but still difficult to accept death of our Corki-dog. Things have been - unsettled - for all of us since then.

    Glad the tires and commuting and not feeling great turned into progress.=)

  3. Inspiration comes out of the strangest places. I once wrote a short story inspired by my car trouble. Glad to hear your tire issues seem to have inspired some writing. Here's hoping your next burst of inspiration can come from something a bit less disruptive to your life. :)