Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And that's all, folks.

Ok, this is it, my final tally for the Round.

·         My reading goal is to finish four of the books that I started reading a while back. I finished reading, “Decoding Daniel”, “The Deer on a Bicycle” and “Deception”, as well as starting and finishing “Standing Stones” and “The Fault in Our Stars”. I only have one chapter left of “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire”, but I just couldn’t get it done.
·         Finish my novel.  I’ve written through chapter 24, and though they say the average novel is 40 chapters, I think mine will come in around 28 or 30 chapters tops.    
·         I will get back on track with my blogging, twice a week here and three times a week on my other blog. I was pretty faithful on my blogging.
·         Submit three pieces each Round.  I sent a piece to Our Wisconsin Magazine and one to The American Journal of Nursing. To complete my goal, I sent a picture of my cat Fred to the Page-A-Day Cat Calendar contest. Is that stretching it?
Picture of Fred, but not the one I submitted.
·         Walk and document streets in my hometown once a week. Have only gotten in a few streets, but have written four blogs, so I feel I am off and running – er – walking. And I also finally got a map scanned into the computer so I can document where I have walked.
Map of Tomahawk, with the streets I have walked already in green. There are more outlying streets to be walked, but will tweak the map when I walk them.

·         My daughter and I are still working on our nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers. We are planning a “friend-raiser” for June 21. That is my goal with the nonprofit this month: help with and attend the “friend-raiser”.  Had the friend-raiser picnic last weekend and now my daughter is already planning another one for August. It never ends.
·         Running. Had been averaging three short runs a week, but now haven’t run in over a week. I don’t know. I’m not going to kick myself, but keep trying to stay in some sort of shape.
·         Sewing. I think I only sewed that one scrub top, hemmed my brother’s pants and patched my husband’s shirt. Oh, well, it is summer now and no time for sewing til fall.
My new scrub top for work, covered in flamingos, beach balls and flip-flops. 
 And that’s it folks. See ya in July. 


  1. Hello, Chris. Love that pic of Fred. He is not stretching at all. He's in kitty heaven every day. I'm also still thrilled that you liked my Standing Stones so much. Thank you again for reading and commenting. And so we go forward. You had asked if I thought you could be a sponsor (replied on my blog). I just wanted to add that we're up to 5 sponsors. You could be number 6! But the real question is do you enjoy reading what other ROW80 writers have written? How many do you read a week? Could you read 4-6 each week reasonably easily? And comment? If yes, then perhaps you can say, "Yes to being a sponsor!" And maybe make a commitment to sponsor for just one round. I hope that helps . . . Please, please let me know what you decide. Meanwhile, IF it's possible, enjoy the break until July 7. Best, Beth

    1. Thanks, Beth, for your input. I will sleep on the ROW sponsor question for one more night and then decide. I promise to write a review of Standing Stones this weekend. A break,you say, until July 7? Is that possible?

  2. Hey Chris, it sounds like all in all you had a pretty successful round. I love the idea of walking the streets where you live :) Congrats on hitting most of your goals and hope to see you again next round.

  3. sounds like a good round - like the map and the walks - enjoy the holiday:)