Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mid-week checkin and Frustrated.

I am trying to write this post from work, on my lunch hour, of course. Our laptops are - how can I say it in a politically correct manner? - ok, our laptops, even though we all got new ones in the last six months, are running on outdated programs. Makes me crazy. True, most of our day-to-day work does not involve word processing or even surfing the web, but those are basic requirements on any computer in the year 2014, don't you think? So let me make this quick before I totally break down. What have I accomplished since Sunday's check in? I finished sewing my new scrub top for work and am wearing it right this second. I will have to take a picture of it and post it next time. I am half-way finished reading Beth Camp's book, "Standing Stones". And love it and I think that is why I have gotten so few other things done this week. I cannot put it down. I posted to this blog and my other blog as I should. But other than that I honestly cannot think of what other writing I have been doing. We have our local writers group tonight and I didn't even prepare a piece for that. Oh, well, I will get it together by the weekend. Promise. I also promise to only write my blog posts from the home computer from now on. Seeing as this one won't even let me make paragraphs!!!


  1. Wow that is crazy with the computers. Paragraphs seem definitely like a useful thing to do on a computer.
    Looks like you got a number of projects pushed forward, even if writing wasn't in the forefront of them. Writers group sounds fun too.

  2. I too have blogged at work, trying to save time and squeeze the most out of my tight packed days.

    Don't worry about paragraphs, I understood what you meant (also paragraphs are over rated, just kidding). I like paragraphs, paragraph are cool (Sorry Doctor Who reference). Spreading a little humour across the net this weekend.

    But, hey, you got to read a really great day, so, it's not so bad, right? Have better week. :-)