Sunday, February 15, 2015

Distractions. Again

·         Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days” – I’ve got eighteen days written and notes on several more entries.
·         Edit 20 chapters of “Tale of an American Woman” – Well, I decided to just plow forward and finish the whole first edit. It was more of a read-through, just to catch obvious grammar mistakes or inconsistencies. It still has a long ways to go.  
·         Submit three items for publication – I’ve submitted one piece so far.

As far as my goals from last week:
·         Blog here twice and three times on The Dino Chronicles. Yes, did this.
·         Read three blogs on Sunday and three on Wednesday, commenting on half of them. On Sunday, I read four blogs and commented on two. On Wednesday, I read two more but didn’t comment. So, close.
·         Write three entries in the Early Ministry devotional. Wrote two entries in EM. So, again, close.
·         Edit six chapters in my novel. See above, I edited like 21 chapters.
·         Research
o   Do research for my novel. I emailed one person with the questions I had, but she got back to me without any answers. I did get the contact information for another person though.
o   Do research on some markets to peddle some of my short pieces to. I did look into a few magazines, but nothing jumped out at me.  
·         Sew another small project. Well, I finished that project last Sunday after posting my blog, and already posted pictures on Wednesday.
·         Work on Tumaini Volunteers
o   I got a lot of feedback on our January newsletter. I need to consolidate all those ideas and email them to our board members.  I got all these comments together and emailed them to our board members.
o   Work on that pesky business plan. That sounds like a broken record, I know, but we really need to finalize it. Did not work on the business plan, but did make copies of our volunteer packet so they are ready to share with anyone who is interested.
·         Run on the treadmill four times.  Ran four times.
·         Clean another section of the basement. I cleaned the next section of the basement. Yuck. What a mess? Why do we save all this stuff? It sounds good at the time, but really? I had to throw out the Fry Daddy. It probably still worked fine, but there was still oil in there from the last time we used it which was six or seven years ago! It was a gelatinous mess! I would have taken pictures of it, but my fingers had already been overtaken by this stuff. It took less than three minutes dealing with this before I just started bagging it up. At least when I got to the corner filled with my son’s stuff which he will not get out of my house but will not let me pitch, I did find some office supplies which I commandeered. So that was fun.

And my goals for next week:
·         Blog on schedule.
·         Read six blog posts, commenting on half of them.
·         Write four entries in Early Ministry. I see that the Round is close to half-way done and I have half of this book to write.
·         Contact the other person with the questions on my novel.
·         Run on treadmill three times.
·         Work on the nonprofit with my daughter, probably either Friday or Saturday.
·         Starting on Wednesday, give up chocolate for Lent. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but I have to at least try.

I work late on Monday and have church on both Wednesday and Thursday nights, so it will truly be a challenge to get just these few things done. Wish me luck.

I probably would have gotten more done yesterday morning, had I not looked out my office window to these beauties in the swamp across from my driveway. Distractions.
Can you find all three of them? 
My daughter thought that I could shoot her so that I could have venison in my freezer the rest of the winter. This is the same daughter who I cannot take to the county fair because she wishes she could take all of the goats the 4H kids have raised home for eating. This is what happens when your child has been to Africa so many times. 


  1. I think Lent is a very well timed event..Catholic or not it is the PERFECT time to give up something. The season is with you.

    1. Thanks. If you knew how much chocolate I consume, you would really be praying for me! I've done it before, so I can do it again, right?

  2. You've sure gotten to a lot of goals this week! I think I reach for mine in a looser and looser fashion, as I re-prioritize my flagging energy...And I think editing 21 chapters excuses missing some of the others! I like how you seem to touch on each goal, even if you do not meet it. Seems like there's some sort of progress for most goals to track and encourage you to keep going every week.

    1. And do you like my color coding? I would probably get even more done if I didn't spend so much time on my blog!

  3. You've accomplished a lot. I like the breakdown, listing the goals for the coming week. That's an idea I should use. I haven't decided about lent - but it may just be white stuff (sugar, bread, cakes etc.)