Wednesday, February 25, 2015

i just don't know

Ten months to Christmas! Holy cow! I better start shopping.

Actually when my friend from Minnesota was here this past weekend, we celebrated Christmas. She always brings us cute, fun, goofy presents, and lots of goodies (which I think I mentioned last time).

All I know is that Wednesday’s check in comes way too soon. I haven’t gotten much done, except that my knee is already much better and though I still can’t kneel on it, I have found I can still run on it, so have run on the treadmill twice this week already. I also wrote one entry in my latest devotional. That’s about it for my goals.  

I had one huge psychological setback. I have another review on for “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”. And it was one star. The woman obviously did not read the book; I think she read a different book. She clearly did not know what she was talking about, but as a writer, it is like a knife going straight through my eyeball and someone twisting it (a knife straight through my heart would kill me rather quickly, but a bad review is like a slow painful death, hence the eyeball metaphor).

I’ve been thinking that I should hang up this whole writing thing. Oh, I’d keep writing, but just journaling and random things that entertain me which I would keep to myself. I used to have a writing book called “Just Open a Vein”. Weeks like this, it is more like opening an artery. Bleeding to death via an open artery is much more efficient than via an open vein.  

Wow, I am in a sorry state.  I don’t know. I just don’t know. That sounds pretty down.


  1. poor reviews are part of the course - shut your eye and let it heal - if a reader doesn't read it properly or misunderstands or maybe just plain doesn't get on with your style it is not you, it is the reader. I personally don't comment if I can only give a book 1 but I am a writer and knows how much it hurts - I say nothing. Don't give up because of one person.

    Hope you feel better soon - take care:)

    1. Thanks, Alberta, I am sure that I will eventually get over this. Right now, I am just still taking baby steps, not ready to get back out there again just yet.