Sunday, February 22, 2015

many fails

I had a good time this weekend with my friend from Minnesota. It was hard to just relax and to keep from sneaking in some writing or social networking, but I stayed pretty focused on her. Luckily she sleeps in, so I could do stuff each morning.

I knew it wouldn’t be a productive week, but it was worse than I anticipated. Not only have I been having issues with my laptop, I also slipped and fell Friday morning, landing on my knee. It will be fine, but did slow me down. I also couldn’t ice it as much as I would have liked because then my friend would have found out about it and she would have got all concerned. (“Are you sure you shouldn’t go to the ER? It looks awful swollen. You should get it checked out.” She goes to the ER or to her doctor for every little thing, whereas my belief is that you don’t go to the doctor unless there is a bone sticking out of your body.) The true challenge has been to keep from limping around her.

·         Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days” – I’m still at eighteen days.  
·         Edit 20 chapters of “Tale of an American Woman” – I finished the first quick edit.
·         Submit three items for publication – I’m still at one piece.

My goals from last week:
·         Blog on schedule. Yes, blogged here twice and three times on the Dino Chronicles.
·         Read six blog posts, commenting on half of them. Read nine other blog posts and commented on five!  
·         Write four entries in Early Ministry. I did not write any entries. Fail!
·         Contact the other person with the questions on my novel. I’ve made a great contact who is answering all of my research questions. Unfortunately, some of her answers are evoking more questions.
·         Run on treadmill three times. I only ran on the treadmill once. Another fail.
·         Work on the nonprofit with my daughter, probably either Friday or Saturday. I went down to my daughter’s for a few hours on Friday and we both were having computer issues, so I did not get to work on what we needed to. Yet another fail.
·         Starting on Wednesday, give up chocolate for Lent. I have been doing fine. Actually I was avoiding all sweets until my friend from Minnesota showed up with her case load of baked goods. When I said I had given up chocolate for Lent, she sorted out three bags of treats, telling me to put those away for Sundays (which, not being Catholic, I don’t abide by. If I am giving up something for Lent it is for everyday until Easter, no getting a break on Sundays). That left another six bags of cookies and candies without chocolate. Needless to say, our discussion on eating right and losing weight was pointless.

And my goals for next week:
·         Blog on schedule.
·         Read six blog posts, commenting on half of them.
·         Write four entries in The Early Life in 40 Days.
·         Wrap up the questions I have for my contact person.
·         Work on finding a few people to read my novel to get some initial input.
·         Find a market to submit a piece to.

You’ll notice I didn’t include running on the treadmill. I should probably give my knee a break. I hope to get some paperwork done on the nonprofit, but you are probably tired of reading about nothing getting done, so let me see first what I can do. 

I’m hoping for a productive week. How about you? 
My dad's birthday was on Friday. He would have been 100 years old. This picture was taken in 1977, the year he retired from the paper mill. 


  1. Hugs on the fall and the setbacks. It happens. Don't beat yourself up. There's still time.

    Love the pic of your dad. Is that a camper I see behind him?

    1. That's my dad's fifth wheel trailer behind him. We had a pickup camper when I was a kid but it had always been Dad's dream to have a fifth wheel. This was the first big trip we took with it - to the Grand Canyon.

  2. Oh, how cool! My parents were HUGE campers when I was a kid, and I have so many great memories, as I'm sure you do of your dad. Hubby and I just purchased a pop-up camper last summer as a 5-year anniversary gift to each other. :D

    1. I inherited my sister's pop-up camper 17 years ago, but its only been a few years ago that I talked the hubby into going camping with me. The camper is old, but it is still worthy. We have a great time.

  3. That s awesome. Ours is pretty old, too, but in great condition. So much better than sleeping on the ground!

  4. I hope your knee recovers quickly. I believe submitting one piece a week is it was not 3...big deal...consistency is the most important thing, and you are working through adversity .