Wednesday, February 11, 2015

would anyone like to help?

The biggy so far this week is that I plowed ahead and finished my first edit of my novel. I still have research to do on it, which I suppose is doing things half-ass backwards, but that is kind of how I roll. So basically a lot of my plot may change depending on where my research leads (and I can’t give out any information on that research because I don’t want to ruin the surprise in about chapter ten in case anyone here ever reads it).

Speaking of research, I did just email two people with my questions, so hopefully I will be able to fill in some of the blanks soon. I also need to finish reading some books on Kenya, which I read the first time when I first started writing the novel, but want to reread them to see if I got some cultural things straight. I think it helps having returned to Kenya in 2013 coz I just don’t think you can learn enough from other people. Some things you have to live yourself.

And here is where you all come in. Does anyone want to read my book for me? I know there are things called “beta readers”, but I still don’t get that. Hearing that word just still makes me think of the old video tapes and I can’t get past that. I basically would like someone just to read it and tell me if this is something that anyone else on the planet would want to read and would enjoy.

The genre, I suppose, would be Christian women’s fiction. It follows the story of a young career woman who travels to Kenya on vacation and befriends a lost boy. This event dredges up a secret from her past. How will she deal with that? How will she ever share her secret with her devoted husband? And will she ever see this lost boy from Kenya again?

I believe my next step should be to work on a back-cover blurb, huh? Or a catch-phrase? Or whatever I need to reel people into my story?

 I also did some more sewing, making mouse and keyboard wrist rests to match the rest of my Snoopy office. If you are observant (or obsessed about certain things like I am), you may ask if I am left-handed. No, regrettably, I am not. But I have taught myself to use my mouse with my left-hand, saving my right-hand for writing and other things. (Yes, the people I work with think that is nuts.)


  1. Congrats on finishing a draft of your story, Chris! Good luck with the revision process. :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the first draft! That is by far the hardest thing to do. I tend to do somewhat the same - leave some things that I know I should research more til I'm done.
    I'd love to read your novel. I dated a Tanzanian during college and fell in love with East Africa. Still know a few words of Swahili! I wrote a Christian novel for the Easter Lilies contest in Sept. ( a new genre for me then)

  3. Congratulations, Chris, on moving on to beta readers! Please add me to your list of potential readers. We visited Tanzania last year, so I feel comfortable in reading and commenting on your story set in Kenya. You already have my e-mail, yes? I also used a wrist rest when I was working full-time, and it helped immensely. Your's is bright and beautiful! Have a great week ahead!