Wednesday, January 6, 2016

can i post in 5 minutes?

I am going to make this quick as I want to get to bed in five minutes. Right. As if that would ever happen, when it takes a good twenty minutes just to do the bedtime routine. Why is it that Hubby brushes his teeth, washes his face, goes potty and he’s ready for bed. And I have to do at least eight other things? Seems so unfair.

Anyway, here we are a few days into the Round.

Here’s what I wanted to do this week:
1)         Write 500 words on the second memoir – done, yeah, 576 words in fact
2)         Blog twice here and three times on the Dino Chronicles – so far on schedule
3)         Promote my books on social media two times - nope
4)         Update the Gofundme campaign for the nonprofit’s trip next spring - yep
5)         Update the nonprofit’s website – nope, coz we had computer issues
6)         Write the letters to donors from 2015 for income tax purposes – nope

Well that’s awesome, coz that is 50%. Way to go, Chris.

Ok, that took up my full five minutes. See ya on Sunday. 
My bed waiting for me last night. 


  1. Doin' great! Hope the rest of your week is simply

    1. Thanks, Steph. I forgot to mention that our fourth Christmas get-together will be this saturday at my house, so I need to do some cleaning on friday.... bleah.