Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Making Plans

My goals for the week were:

1) Practice my presentation for church on Sunday - not
2) Put together my power-point presentation for the medical people – worked on it about an hour
3) Blog twice here and three times on the Dino Chronicleson track
4) Promote my books on social media once - not
5) Update the Gofundme campaign for the nonprofit’s trip to Kenya in the spring - not
6) Send out ten e-letters to prospective donors for our trip in the spring – sent out nine, jesh, you think I could have done one more
7) Walk/run on the treadmill three times for 20 minutes each day - twice   

Once again it feels like I have gotten nothing done. Yet there is all the yellow, for goals I have worked on, which is all anyone should ask for half-way through the week. Green, of course, is for goals accomplished, but I think that will happen by the weekend.

The thing that has been consuming most of my time, however, is that I got my vacation time approved at work, so now I am plotting and planning how to use that time, meaning I am doing a lot of web-surfing of all the places I want to go to this year. The only concrete thing so far is that tickets have been bought for Lifest in July.

Man, I love having things to look forward to. How about you? Are you making vacation plans for the summer (or spring, or fall)? And do you sometimes get carried away with those plans? 
My husband with his girls at Lifest 2013


  1. What encourages me is that phrase "goals I have worked on" for with these week-by-week efforts, those larger goals are accomplished! And what a neat picture of the family, together, big smiles. No wonder you look forward to vacation. Enjoy every moment! And may the rest of this week see continued steady progress!

  2. Just gotta be content with the results of each day! :) Of course, that can be difficult if we avoid whatever it is we're called to do deep down. I've had very "productive" days before that left me feeling a bit empty because I was going through to-do list motions instead of ol' Colossians 3:23... Change of perspective in that regard has really helped a lot.

    As for looking forward to fun future events, I've found that tends to distract me a lot from the now, and life hurtles along faster than I'd like. So while an upcoming trip to Hawaii begs to be dreamed of (especially with the 20 degree weather outside currently) I'm trying my best to remain in the moment and appreciate everything about it. April will arrive when it arrives, and I'll enjoy it then! :)

    I'd not heard of Lifest, but it sounds pretty amazing!

  3. My Accomplice will have about two weeks off at the end of this month and the beginnning of March. No travel plans this year, but last year we went cross- country by airplane (first time for both kids, then 13 and 10) to visit his family in Oregon. After a winter of intense proportions, it was wonderful to take a break in a green and blooming place. We stayed busy the entire time we were there, before returning home to the deep freeze o upstate NY.

    This year, there's been less than 10 inches of snow all season, and my lawn is green and muddy. Apparently, winter took a vacation....

    I do plan on trying to get together with a friend or two I haven't seen in longer than I'd like, but mostly I just want to enjoy a couple of weeks of no one having to go to work.

    As far as all that yellow - brava! Maybe you haven't finished some of the things you would have liked to, but progress is progress, and it can add up. Sometimes, I poke along for a while, feeling like I'll never really get anywhere, and then, eventually, I dive in headlong and don't come up for air till that goal is met.

    Even baby steps can carry us forward!