Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This time

It doesn’t take much to fall completely off the wagon. This is all that I got done on my goals so far this week:

1) Write 2,000 words on the second memoir - Not
2) Type 2,000 words on “No Body Found” - Not
3) Blog twice here and three times on the Dino Chronicles – Ok, this is on schedule
4) Promote my books on social media two times - Not
5) Update the Gofundme campaign for the nonprofit’s trip to Kenya in the spring - Yep
6) Update the nonprofit’s website - Not
7) Send out ten letters to prospective donors for our trip in the spring – Sent out five, so that is half-way there
8) Walk/run on the treadmill three times for 20 minutes each day – Actually twice  

Ok, so maybe when I look at it all color-coded up, the list doesn’t look so bad. We did however accomplish the one big thing that we needed to for the week. My daughter booked the plane tickets for her and our three other team members to return to Kenya in April. She found good connections and a great price. It was only $3100 for all four tickets, roundtrip. I’m pretty excited – though disappointed that I am not going with, but someone needs to hold down the fort. 
Val, Denise, and Matt get to go to Kenya, while Rachel, Judy and I have to stay behind. This time.


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments. You definitely had a great week.

  2. You have two greens and two yellows. In my opinion, that's not too bad at all.

  3. I borrowed your list strategy and find it SO much easier to track progress (and less wordy). Congratulations on all that green and yellow, especially the blogging, for that keeps the writing going. I'm also hoping to hear more about your memoir project. Have a truly wonderful week -- even if you don't get to go to Africa -- this time.

  4. I love colour coded lists. I actually keep a tracking document in Excel. How pedantic is that?

  5. I love the fact that these kinds of lists keep us honest.