Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do you recognize this flower?

Does this guy look familiar? 
Yes, he and his brothers are my opening blog picture. This blog is just so boring without posting a picture each time. And these flowers are too perky to ignore. And it has only been the last bad frost that finally killed them off out in their planter.

Anyway, what have I done so far this week? As far as my book goes, I revised my pictures and submitted them to my publisher, I wrote and submitted the acknowledgements page and I wrote and submitted a page regarding donations. I worked with so many charitable organizations on this missions trip, but I narrowed it down to two, HEART and CSI Ministries, which I will donate to from proceeds of the book. I also contacted two more people asking them to write endorsements for the book.

For my regular weekly goals, I score an 8 out of 16 so far this week. I worked on the book for three hours, posted to my other blog two times, twice I added to my social networks and I commented three times on other people's blogs.

Home stretch for the week is coming up. Will you meet all of your goals or let a killer frost stop you in your planter?


  1. I'm envious. It's snowing here... Not that I don't love snow, just that I don't want it until around Thanksgiving time. Way it goes I suppose.

    1. We have had a few snow showers this month too. Luckily nothing has stayed on the ground. It is that time of year, though, when anything can happen.