Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Have I rambled yet for you?

Ok, so let's start with how I did with my goals.

I achieved eleven out of 20 so far this week. That is amazing since most weeks, for the whole week, I barely ranked an eight. In the last four days I have posted on my other blog twice (2 points), invited people to join one of my social networks (1 point), worked on my book for four hours (four points) and re-submitted my revised manuscript to my publisher (4 points). Maybe some would say that submitting the same thing to the same place for a second time shouldn't count, but trust me, I am going to take all the points I can (kind of like when the substitute refs were running the show during the Packers/Seahawks game a few weeks ago).

I guess I have a lot on my mind right now with my book - not just any book, but my memoir, where I bare my soul to the world, or to the three people who will read it - so close to actually being published.

A guy I know here in my hometown just had his memoir published. I am so happy for him. It has been a life-long work for him, or so it seems. I hope his book does well, but it kind of makes me feel like I missed the boat, you know? He beat me to it. Granted he has been writing his book longer than I have, and it's not like he doesn't deserve this as much as anyone. Or that the same tiny Midwestern town can't have a whole bunch of people with books out there.

See, from the start I thought that maybe this blog would be a place for me to ramble and vent. There's another goal I seem to have finally achieved. Please go check out Mark's book and Larry's, too. I'll try to nip the rambling in the bud.


  1. Chris -

    It sounds like you are rocking those goals. And I totally think that resubmitting your novel is worthy of points!

    I have considered a memoir, myself. At this point, the only thing I've been ready for is some very honest poetry....

    I applaud you, and, as a fellow rambler, I loved reading yours.

    Onward! =D

    1. Thanks, Shan, for the comment and the encouragement. Keep writing whatever you can.