Wednesday, October 17, 2012

there are 26 hours in a day, right?

For the next few weeks - or months - this blog may take a different spin, as I travel down the road to publication. Monday afternoon an e-mail arrived from my publisher, with six different attachments. It was very overwhelming. There was the contract, the publishing options agreement, the editing and proofreading cover sheet, the book cover design questionnaire, the book cover work sheet, and the tax exemption form. In addition to going over all of these and filling them out as best I can, I need to organization my photos, label them and e-mail them. I also have to write my bio and pick out a picture of myself for the back cover. Was that all?

And once that whole ball gets rolling, I am sure I will be hearing from the editor and the proofreader and all these other people. And I will have to make a lot of decisions. I knew all along, I guess, that writing the book really wasn't going to be the hardest part. The writing was the fun part, where I had all of the control, now it is like my baby has gone off to college already and my guidance is only going to go so far. Sigh. But it will be worth it in the end to get the book out there and to have it look it's best.

Oh, and I need to come up with a title. Apparently, my working title has been used several times, so I must come up with something more original.

With all that said, my goals are hanging on by a thread, but I will still tell you what I have accomplished.

So far this week, believe it or not, I have managed to post to my other blog on Sunday and Monday. (I got so excited about the publishing stuff that I wrote up a story and posted it without realizing what day it was.) I worked for five hours on all the stuff from the publisher. And because I totally enjoy pain and suffering, I added a new goal to my already hanging by a thread list of goals. I would like to comment on other people's blogs three times per week.

There are 26 hours in a day, aren't there?


  1. Boy do I wish there were 26 hours in the day! LOL

    At least your busy-ness is an exciting kind of busy! Enjoy the road to publication! Keep us all posted, Chris!

    1. Thanks for the support. I will keep posting a play-by-play of how things go.

  2. If you find a way to make 26 hours in a day I will <3 you forever! I need more hours.

    Good luck with the publishing. I've seen some of it from the other side, did a editorial internship, and it's interesting to see the back and forth between author and editor.

    1. Thanks, D. Ann, for the comment. I am sure it will be interesting once this thing gets rolling. Nerve-racking, too.