Saturday, October 20, 2012

How do 57 post-it notes become a book?

How do 57 post-it notes become a book? Good question. And even though I apparently pulled this off, I don't quite know how it happened. It had to do a lot with the grace of God.

So have I accomplished everything this week that I needed to? 

1) signed, dated and e-mailed the proposal
2) signed, dated and snail-mailed the publishing agreement. 
3) signed and e-mailed the Editing and Proofing Cover Sheet 
4) composed and submitted my ideas for the front cover and back cover, along with picture for the cover
5) submitted a short bio for the back cover and a longer bio for inside
6) submitted 17 pictures to be used one for each of the 17 chapters. Then realized I messed something up and have to redo them and re-e-mail them the first of the week.
7) submitted my facebook and blog information for marketing
8) submitted the versions of the Bible I used
9) researched the whole copyright process for some song lyrics I want to use. I still have to figure this one out. Something for next week. 
11) contacted six people asking if they would write an endorsement for the book.
10) agreed on the price for the book. $14.95 for paperback and $4.85 for e-book

 Is that all? So, what about the weekly goals. I tallied 7 hours for all of the above mentioned work (I didn't count all the time spent laying awake in bed or reading e-mails from my publisher during my lunch hour). I posted only twice to my other blog (what a slacker). I invited people to join my LinkedIn network and I commented on three other blogs. Which is 11 out of 17 possible points. I can't really imagine having done much more

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